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 Job Description & Job Responsibilities:

          Our team is looking for a passionate 3D Animator. The job requires creating animations for 3D characters in Maya. Candidates must have a good understanding of the principles of animation, Body Mechanics and Acting; Experience with Maya. The animator is responsible for producing high-quality character animations for an upcoming project. Be able to efficiently translation animation descriptions to polished animations and engaging at every stage of the production pipeline.


◦ Proficient animating in Maya.

◦ Advanced Body Mechanics and Acting skills.

◦ Highly creative and detail oriented.

◦ Confident and motivated; looking to grow with the team.

◦ Flexibility; ability to work with minimum supervision and problem solve.

◦ Solid organizational skills with adherence to file structures, naming conventions;

   clean and organized files.

◦ Excellent communication and teamwork skills.


Animation Supervisor/ Lead Animation

Job Description & Job Responsibilities:

          The Animation Lead is responsible for overseeing the animation shot production pipeline. They should have a knowledge of the CG Animation Pipeline and experience working with Maya. They will be responsible for helping the studio translate the storyboards into animation and help realize the vision of the Creative Producers/Directors.


◦ 5+ Years working in film/television animation.

◦ Knowledge of CG Animation (Maya-based) Pipeline is required. *Blender is a plus.

◦ Understands how concepts/designs will translate into 3D modeling & rigging.

◦ Understands and is comfortable with CG Animation vocabulary.

◦ Has a strong acting sensibility and ability to translate acting notes into technical feedback vendors will understand.

◦ Communicate effectively and tactfully with all levels of production personnel,

◦ Pay close attention to detail, organize and schedule work effectively.

◦ Be able to handle multiple tasks and thrive under pressure.

◦ Be able to work well under time constraints.

◦ Ability to function as a team player, collaborate with others to achieve daily

   workload goals.

◦ Demonstrates ability to be proactive and anticipating potential problems before

   they occur and follows through on every task assigned

   (i.e. keeping everyone in the loop and up to date on the status of all tasks).


3D Character Rigger

Job Description & Job Responsibilities:

          3D Character Rigger will be responsible for taking vector art created by the design team and distributing it to working rigged hierarchy in Maya, adjusting the hierarchy to fit character specific requirements. They must be able to follow established rigging conventions, style, and production specific template layouts. Candidates must be proficient to create rigging in Autodesk Maya. They should be able to effectively communicate and work in collaboration with Design, Animation and Scene Planning.


◦ Excellent working knowledge of Maya

◦ Very Strong working knowledge of 3D Rigging principles

◦ Thorough understanding of techniques and technologies relating to character rigging

   and animation with an understanding of puppet and control philosophy

◦ Strong drawing skills are an asset

◦ Must be able to work in a collaborative environment and take direction easily

   and be willing to participate as a member as well as to work independently as required

◦ Solid understanding of anatomy, mechanics and movement

◦ Technical understanding of the application of layouts and how to trouble

◦ Highly organized and stellar planning skills


Production coordinator

Job Description & Job Responsibilities:

          Production coordinators are responsible for keeping everything in the animation pipeline running smoothly by supporting all departments with their production requirements. They work under the production manager and report to them. They will be creating and maintaining asset databases and for tracking the delivery of assets to third parties. They schedule and attend reviews and can be responsible for taking detailed notes.


◦ Knowledge of CG Animation (Maya-based) Pipeline is required. *Blender is a plus.

◦ Possess strong written and verbal communication skills, energetic,

   outgoing and involved;

◦ Rigorous, thorough and must have very strong organizational skills and a demonstrated

   ability to prioritize and to manage conflicting interests;

◦ Being able to work well in a fast-paced, high-energy environment, team-player;

◦ Resourceful, proactive and reactive;

◦ Advance knowledge of Microsoft Office.


Concept Artist

Job Description & Job Responsibilities:

          We are looking for an imaginative concept artist to develop and visualize ideas for our upcoming projects. In this role, you will consult with the creative team, interpret the concepts for the project, and translate the briefs into visual artworks. To ensure success as a concept artist, you should be able to combine imagination and skill to produce accurate visual references and work in a variety of mediums. Top-notch concept artists are able to produce high-quality previsualizations that perfectly meet the specifications and vision of the Creative Producers/ Directors.


◦ Degree in Graphic Design or Fine Art preferred.

◦ A portfolio of work demonstrating strong artistic and storytelling ability.

◦ Minimum of two years' experience as a concept artist or graphic designer preferred.

◦ Excellent sketching abilities for rough conceptualization.

◦ Proficient in a variety of digital 2D and 3D software programs such as Photoshop,

   Illustrator and Maya. *Blender is a plus.

◦ Ability to deliver high-quality artwork against tight deadlines.

◦ Excellent communication and interpretation abilities.

◦ Ability to collaborate and work as part of a team.

◦ Willingness to learn new software programs and tools.

◦ Highly organized and able to manage multiple projects simultaneously.


3D Compositing Artist

Job Description & Job Responsibilities:

          We are looking for a Compositing Artist who is responsible for the compositing of elements by creating high quality images for our upcoming project. This role responsible for generating clean, efficient and logical comp structures that are easy to understand, share and adjust. As well as replicating the Art Director’s creative goals in Key Shots and Templates, while understanding the nuances of the project’s intended look.


◦ Degree in Graphic Design or Fine Art preferred.

◦ Excellent working knowledge of After Effects and Compositing.

◦ Ability to think outside of the box to create creative solutions to technical problems.

◦ Strong communication skills,

◦ Not afraid to ask questions or help others.

◦ Experience working on television series is an asset.

◦ Strong artistic skills are an asset.

◦ Willingness to learn new software programs and tools.

◦ Highly organized and able to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

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